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At SunStrong Solar Inc. in California, we are committed to providing the finest American and German solar panels and inverters at extremely competitive prices. 

Our professionals design our photovoltaic systems with quality and efficiency in mind to ensure the best possible production of electricity for our clients. 

Browse the photos in our gallery to get a glimpse of what we offer.


Here’s what we’ve been working on

What our customers are saying

Quick, professional, and honest. Very attentive in their service and personable from start to finish.

Andrew B. - Homeowner

Great Customer Service, Friendly & knowledgable staff,  super quality panels and very professional installers, and last but not least, Fantastic Financing made our experience down right wonderful.  

Edwin M. - Homeowner

Great service! Didn't take long at all for them to come in for a consultation, install, and clean up. Very kind and understanding contractors, worked hard all day!

Chris T. - Homeowner

Recommended to me by a very close friend. Never imagined going solar could be so painless! 

Siobhan C. - Homeowner

Installed our Solar panels little less than a year ago. Absolutely the best decision we ever made. Already prevented 10,036 pounds of carbon emission reaching the atmosphere (according to our Inverter).  Thank you Sunstrong for a wonderful experience.

Kat M. - Homeowner

A Registered, Licensed, Insured, and Bonded Solar Company

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